The Nibblers is a family run Fish Pedicure Spa and Beauty Salon that opened in March 2011 amongst the busy shops on Holton road. It's a new beauty oasis that offers its clients a high quality service with a slice of peace and tranquillity. We are committed to our clients comfort and safety and therefore we operate according to strict hygiene practises.

You will however discover that along side our normal therapists we have a few here that are different to the norm…..Have you guessed what they are yet?

The finned therapists……the little nibblers! The feet are the most neglected part of the body, you're on your feet all day long! So whether you're indulging in a lunch break treat or a beauty rendezvous with a difference let our finned therapist get to work and leave your skin softer refreshed and relaxed.

The authentic Garra Ruffa Fish are known for their healing benefits and are native to the hot springs of the Kengal Valley Turkey. Garra Ruffa Fish have no teeth but gently suck away and secrete a therapeutic enzyme called Dithranol that takes care of your skin. The unique enzyme also reduces the over development of skin cells to ease and prevent the symptoms of many skin conditions.